Community News

Our community is still having Issues with residents parking on the street over night, which is against our CC&R's,The reason for this prohibition is to preserve the appearance of our community, allow for easy access of emergency vehicles, reduce crime, and reduce the possibility of accidents due to decreased visibility caused by parked vehicles.

Dear Concerned Neighbors:

For those parents in our neighborhoods as well as all of our other Homeowner's, are you concerned about the excessive speed that seems to be ever present on 22nd street, in and around boulder creek Elementary School?

Please reach out to your city council person and any other legislators that you may have access to and express your concerns! Our collective voice's will generate far better results than one or two single individuals. Those who speak loudest, are heard!

We, as the Mountaingate Homeowners Association Board of Directors have contacted the city of phoenix and as well as the city of Phoenix Police Department to obtain information on installing speed bumps along 22nd street. The information that we have received has not been positive due to the area having to be open to Emergency services, police and fire department.

If you have the technology capability via a computer and or facsimile machine, please submit your concerns to the names shown below. Call their office as well and register your complaints and concerns. WE NEED EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE AS IT RELATES TO CUTTING DOWN ON THE EXCESSIVE SPEED IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS! Thankyou

Those who speak loudest are heard - Your Counsel Member is Jim Waring phone numberis 602-262-7445 or you can send an email to